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Full programme for WSMC 19 is now available online


The 6th World Social Marketing Conference “Influencing behaviour for social good” EMBRACING CROSS DISCIPLINARY SOLUTIONS, NEW THINKING AND CO-CREATION We’re excited to announce that the full programme for WSMC 19 is now available online.  The World Social Marketing Conference brings together academics and practitioners from around the world, working to engage citizens and foster positive behaviour change. A record number of submissions have been received this year, and as a result the schedule has been adjusted to accommodate 125 high quality sessions on social marketing and behaviour change theory and practice. The conference will have representatives from 35 countries covering a [...]

Full programme for WSMC 19 is now available online2019-05-18T16:14:16+01:00

ESMA and Lugano Summer School 2019


28th SSPH+ Lugano Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management will host a special edition on social marketing Lugano, Switzerland - August 26–31, 2019 ESMA in collaboration with the SSPH+ Lugano Summer School will host three courses (one 6-day course and two 3-day courses) and a plenary session on the Tuesday morning, all dedicated to Social Marketing. The Lugano Summer School hosts public health professionals, researchers and graduate students who learn together through mutual exchange in a stimulating and beautiful environment. The Lugano Summer School places health, disease, and health systems thinking under one common framework of coherent [...]

ESMA and Lugano Summer School 20192019-05-18T16:28:14+01:00

Reflections from ESMC 2018: Interdisciplinary research, social marketing and social eating


Making mealtimes matter: commensality, collaboration and building relationships beyond our disciplines. by Marsha Smith, PhD Candidate Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous manifestations of human sociality is commensality: the human practice of eating together or, to put it more exactly, of eating together in groups. Eating together is a powerful mechanism for reproducing the social values, priorities and roles of a society and is essential for the integration of a society. Indeed, it has been stated that communal meals are perhaps the single most important thing we can do for both our personal wellbeing and the cohesion of society (Dunbar 2016). [...]

Reflections from ESMC 2018: Interdisciplinary research, social marketing and social eating2019-05-18T16:34:19+01:00

6th World Social Marketing Conference


Join us at the 6th World Social Marketing Conference Edinburgh, 4-5 June 2019 We encourage you to join us at what we will be a must attend event for anyone passionate about fostering positive behaviour change. Whether you are tackling public health issues, encouraging community action or trying to make populations happier, healthier, greener or more sustainable the World Social Marketing Conference is a perfect event to share your ideas and network with like-minded professionals form across the globe. The mission of the World Social Marketing Conference is to act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to [...]

6th World Social Marketing Conference2018-12-17T13:09:16+00:00

WSMC 2019 Exclusive member offer


Don't forget about the exclusive ESMA early bird rate for the World Social Marketing Conference. This is valid only until 31st October 2018. To register at these rates you will require the exclusive registration link which is only available from the members resources area. Please log on to your ESMA member account to access the discount link.              

WSMC 2019 Exclusive member offer2018-10-29T12:30:56+00:00

2018 USF Social Marketing Conference


The 2018 USF Social Marketing Conference aims to equip participants with the tools and techniques to develop effective behaviour change programs and campaigns. Delegates attend from across North America and beyond, finding this conference to be among the best for helpful, down to earth advice and information that they can use to make their programmes a success. The 25th Social Marketing Conference is held 27-30th June 2018 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, US. [button_link url="https://thesocialmarketingconference.org/" target="" style="" title="" class="" id="" onclick=""]Visit the conference website[/button_link]  

2018 USF Social Marketing Conference2018-05-09T16:39:27+01:00

ESMC 2018: New speakers and call for papers


New Speakers Confirmed: ESMC 2018 The planning committee for the 4th European Social Marketing Conference are excited to announce the final line up of keynote speakers for ESMC 2018. Have you ever wondered how Smart Cities are adopting behaviour change approaches or have you ever wanted to know more about the growing network of behavioural insight teams in Europe? Our keynote speakers promise to provide invaluable insights, impart new theories and pass on hard fought lessons from the field. Join us this September in Antwerp for the largest bi-annual gathering of social marketing and behaviour change professionals in Europe. Susan Michie [...]

ESMC 2018: New speakers and call for papers2018-05-09T08:13:46+01:00

New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing


New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing In this issue: Sergio Rivaroli, Arianna Ruggeri, Pietro Novi and Roberta Spadoni on purchasing food to counteract Mafia in Italy. Clare Johansson, Rowan Bedggood, Karen Farquharson and Aron Perenyi examine shared leadership as a vehicle to healthy service eco-systems. Patricia David and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele contribute a paper on theory of planned behaviour and social marketing theory measurement precision. William J. Ashton and Rajesh V. Manchanda use previous social marketing efforts to assess a new program on shelter-belts. Linda Lemarié, Jean-Charles Chebat and François Bellavance use Priming theory to examine prevention [...]

New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing2022-07-04T09:51:53+01:00

Social Marketing Quarterly new issue


New Issue of Social Marketing Quarterly In this issue: Ali Ibrahim, Kathy Knox, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, and Denni Arli contribute a paper on segmentation and Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour Insights in the water use market. Diogo Veríssimo, Annalisa Bianchessi, Alejandro Arrivillaga, Fel Ceasar Cadiz, Roquelito Mancao and Kevin Green analyse evaluation of social marketing campaigns questioning whether it works for biodiversity. Livingston A. White contributes a case of social marketing in the Caribbean. David Pearson and Anji Perera present A Practitioner Guide to Integrated Social Marketing Communication Campaigns to tackle food waste. Lynne Doner Lotenberg reflects on linking research and practice in [...]

Social Marketing Quarterly new issue2018-05-09T07:54:38+01:00

Call for Papers: Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation


CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue – March 2019 Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation Guest Editor: Diogo Veríssimo, PhD This special issue of Social Marketing Quarterly will investigate the use of social marketing to stimulate behaviour change that helps preserve biodiversity. Human behaviour is the key driver behind all major threats to the natural environment (Wright et al. 2015). Yet, changing behaviour has proven difficult for those working to preserve biodiversity (Veríssimo 2013). Social marketing has been used to address broader environmental challenges such as energy consumption, recycling, and water consumption. But these efforts have not addressed key threats to biodiversity including [...]

Call for Papers: Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation2018-05-09T07:44:08+01:00
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