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Social Marketing Masterclass, the Netherlands


The European Institute for Brand Management will be hosting a social marketing event. Professor Jeff French, member of the ESMA Board will be delivering a social marketing masterclass. The event will take place on 9th December 2016, at BCN in Rotterdam, Barbizonlaan 25, 2908 MB Capelle a/d IJssel. More information on the Institute’s website

Social Marketing Masterclass, the Netherlands2016-11-27T14:11:39+00:00

New Social Marketing Resource: Segmentation in Social Marketing


Segmentation in Social Marketing - Process, Methods and Application, edited by Timo Dietrich, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele & Krzysztof Kubacki is a welcomed and long overdue book on segmentation in social marketing. The book brings together current innovative methods and approaches to segmentation and outlines why segmentation is needed to support more effective social marketing programme design. It presents a variety of segmentation approaches alongside case studies of their application in various social marketing contexts including food waste, volunteering, alcohol, sexual health, flu prevention, healthy eating, and active school travel. It includes contributions from Jeff French, Sally Dibb and Nancy Lee, amongst others, [...]

New Social Marketing Resource: Segmentation in Social Marketing2016-11-27T14:09:05+00:00

ESMA & iSMA webinar


January 31, 2017 Qualification and Professional Standards in the Field(s) of Social Marketing and Behaviour Change with Matthew Wood (Brighton University, UK) and Phillip Holden (Old Royal Naval College, UK) How should qualified Social Marketers and behaviour change agents be recognised? This webinar discusses a proposal for ESMA / iSMA / AASM / SMANA to formally assess and endorse existing qualifications awarded by recognised bodies (e.g. universities) and, where certain criteria are met, to make an additional award such as an ESMA/iSMA/AASM/SMANA certificate or diploma in social marketing. Defining and gaining recognition for the field(s) of social marketing and behaviour change [...]

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Reflections on the 3rd European Social Marketing Conference, 22-23 September, Espoo, Finland, 2016


@ Otso Alasko I came away from the Conference in Espoo with a head buzzing with new ideas and a deep sense that Social Marketing is making a tremendous contribution to developing a more respectful approach to delivering more responsive social policy across Europe. I was impressed at the range of applications of Social Marketing and the high quality of the work that people are taking forward. I was also stimulated by the keynote presentations at the event, as always lots of food for thought and a few of my assumptions challenged which is good. My one big takeaway [...]

Reflections on the 3rd European Social Marketing Conference, 22-23 September, Espoo, Finland, 20162016-11-24T12:02:05+00:00

Pro-environmental behaviour change webinar


Join the Energy Saving Trust webinar at 11am on Wednesday 16 November 2016 and hear the headline findings from new research projects on consumer engagement and energy efficiency advice. Presentations will cover research projects from: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS): how best to engage householders with energy advice when smart meters are installed The Scottish Government with the Energy Saving Trust: a pilot looking at new techniques to get people using their heating controls more effectively Energy Saving Trust findings on how to tailor specific energy advice messages to diverse consumer profiles (from the cross-Europe Natconsumers project) and at [...]

Pro-environmental behaviour change webinar2016-11-07T11:05:08+00:00

New Social Marketing Book


"Social Marketing in a Country. The British Experience" by Carlos Oliveira Santos, PhD, is a comprehensive account of the British national social marketing strategy. The book uses a cognitive approach, to examine the genesis, evolution, and implementation of that policy process that led to an important development in British public health policy. In mapping this experience the book provides a useful resource for those seeking to contribute to the conception and development of similar policy solutions in other situations and countries. Carlos Oliveira Santos is an assistant professor at the University of Lisbon (Portugal), PhD in Political Science (Public Policy) by [...]

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Call for the 4th European Social Marketing Conference


Following the successful events in Lisbon 2012, Rotterdam 2014 and Espoo 2016, ESMA is looking for partners to host the 4th European Social Marketing Conference 2018. If you are interested in hosting the event and/or helping out with the logistics (e.g. finding sponsors and venues etc.) please send us a 500 words proposal addressing the following points: Some up front financial or in kind support to off-set the cost risk of booking venue, catering / AV etc. One or two or a small group of people on the ground in the city who will act as co-ordinators and promoters of the [...]

Call for the 4th European Social Marketing Conference2016-10-22T16:50:37+01:00

Free access to the Journal of Social Marketing for ESMA members


The latest issue of the Journal of Social Marketing features social marketing examples from the Netherlands and Spain. ESMA members benefit from free access to the Journal. Log on the website to access the Journal. Go to the Journal page

Free access to the Journal of Social Marketing for ESMA members2016-10-22T16:35:26+01:00

Call for ESMA webinars


ESMA organises in partnership with iSMA a series of webinars on social marketing open to all ESMA and iSMA members. The webinar series provides a great opportunity to learn about most recent and evidence-based social marketing developments and resources worldwide. If you are interested in presenting your work in the webinar to a wide social marketing audience, please send us a proposal. The proposal should describe briefly the topic and specify the audience level (e.g. social marketing beginner, expert, practitioner, academic etc.). ESMA members have now access to iSMA resources, including the webinars. All members also have access to the video-recordings [...]

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University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change Digi hub


The University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change, in association with EIN’s (Epode International Network) partner C3 Collaborating for Health, invites you to join the CBC Digi-hub. To date there is no network to link European professionals interested in digital health and behaviour change, particularly those in different sectors (e.g., academic, public, private). The CBC Digi-hub aims to change that and foster a network to connect with others, especially on project opportunities, and for access to blog posts and the latest digital health research. If you are interested in joining, please complete this short survey. For any questions feel free to email Sarah Clarke [...]

University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change Digi hub2019-05-19T17:46:21+01:00
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