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Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy: Overview across 32 European countries

A report by Joana Sousa Lourenço, Emanuele Ciriolo, Sara Rafael Almeida, and Xavier Troussard

A new report on behavioural insights from the European Comission. The report: “Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy: Overview across 32 European countries” covers policy applications informed by behavioural insights. It reviews institutional developments and proposes a comparative framework (PRECIS) describing behavioural insight teams with six key features.

The report reaches four main conclusions:

1. in terms of capacity building, there is significant dynamism and growing appetite to apply behavioural insights to policy making;
2. links between policy making and academy communities can be strengthened and analysing large datasets offers great potential;
3. systematic application of behavioural insights throughout the policy cycle can advance evidence based policy making;
4. need of more research on the long term impacts of policy interventions.

You can access the full report here.