Following the successful events in Lisbon 2012, Rotterdam 2014 and Espoo 2016, ESMA is looking for partners to host the 4th European Social Marketing Conference 2018. If you are interested in hosting the event and/or helping out with the logistics (e.g. finding sponsors and venues etc.) please send us a 500 words proposal addressing the following points:

  1. Some up front financial or in kind support to off-set the cost risk of booking venue, catering / AV etc.
  2. One or two or a small group of people on the ground in the city who will act as co-ordinators and promoters of the event.
  3. A desire for the event and some evidence that it will help to give a boost to social marketing in the country / city.
  4. The probability of about 80 – 100 people coming from the country / city local area.

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