University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change Digi hub


The University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change, in association with EIN’s (Epode International Network) partner C3 Collaborating for Health, invites you to join the CBC Digi-hub. To date there is no network to link European professionals interested in digital health and behaviour change, particularly those in different sectors (e.g., academic, public, private). The CBC Digi-hub aims to change that and foster a network to connect with others, especially on project opportunities, and for access to blog posts and the latest digital health research. If you are interested in joining, please complete this short survey. For any questions feel free to email Sarah Clarke [...]

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European Obesity Forum 2016


The 2016 European Obesity Forum (EOF 2016) will take place on 24 and 25 November in Amsterdam with the second day of the congress dedicated to the closing ceremony of the EU-funded OPEN project. The network’s European and international members will gather in the Dutch capital to share best practices, meet old friends and form new partnerships. The first day of the EOF 2016 will be dedicated to the Freshers programmes. During this day, the Freshers programmes will participate in capacity-building workshops and learn about the future developments of Epode International Network. During the evening the participants will have the opportunity [...]

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WSMC 2017 call for developmental papers


The World Social Marketing Conference 2017 invites submissions of ‘developmental and experiential’ proposals. The aim is to welcome short submissions outlining, innovative and forward thinking Developmental or Experiential sessions at the conference for academics and practitioners alike. If you wish to share preliminary results, canvass others to develop a concept, share your ideas, get input on a project or explore non-project related aspects and approaches to social marketing then we look forward to receiving your submission. The deadline for Developmental and Experiential submissions is Friday 11th Nov 2016. Full guidance and submission templates are available on the conference website.

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ESMC 2016: It’s almost time


Only two weeks left until the ESMC 2016! We hope you will join us for what will be a great social marketing and social change event. Visit the Conference website for latest updates to the programme. A warm welcome to the new members! We are delighted that you decided to join our community. We hope to see all our members in Espoo at the 3rd European Social Marketing Conference. If you are attending the Conference, please come and have a chat with the Board members. Looking forward to seeing you all in Espoo!

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International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Call for papers


International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Special Issue of CoDesign and the Public Realm Guest editors: Liesbeth Huybrechts, Jon Geib, Hilde Heynen, Henric Benesch, Jessica Schoffelen Co-design’s engagement with the public realm is rooted in an activist tradition aspiring to increase democratic participation of diverse societal groups in design activities related to public space, services, systems or policy. This is partly due to its historical relationship with the tradition of Scandinavian Participatory Design (PD) that developed in the 1970s and shared concerns and values with labour unions in emancipating workers at the workplace (Bannon & Ehn, 2012, p. [...]

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WSMC 2017 Call for papers


Help others learn, be the change that matters: 5th World Social Marketing Conference 2017 Call for Papers. Deadline 16 September 2016 The overall conference theme is “Influencing Behaviour for Social Good”. The organising committee would be delighted to receive submissions with a clear Social Marketing perspective focused on any of the following conference tracks. Conference Tracks Promoting global health and well-being Reducing global communicable disease through behavioural influence Reducing crime and poverty and promoting safety and security Global climate change, environment protection and sustainability Reducing the impact of substance misuse Increasing return on social policy investment by influencing behaviour Interdisciplinary and cross sector action [...]

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JSM call for papers: societal wellbeing


Great opportunity for social marketing researchers! Special issue call for papers from Journal of Social Marketing: The Many Paths to Societal Wellbeing: Charting a Course Forward Guest Editors: Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr Nadia Zainuddin Societal wellbeing is firmly on the agenda of marketers, governments, nonprofits and social enterprise. The culture of excess consumption is grinding to a halt as consumers become more aware of the need to conserve resources to live healthier lives and to protect the planet. To achieve societal wellbeing requires a multi-disciplinary approach as the barriers are complex with solutions that take time and require multiple stakeholder involvement. This [...]

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ESMC 2016 updates


The paper submission results have now been notified. Congratulations to all successful authors! The ESMC organising committee is delighted to have received so many high quality submissions and would like to thank all authors who submitted papers and posters to the event. The competition for posters is still open until 29th of July 2016. Registration is open for the main European social marketing event of the year to be held 22-23 September 2016 in Espoo, Finland. ESMA and iSMA members benefit from special discount rates. For any information about the Conference and discount rates please contact the Conference office at euro@wsmconference.com We [...]

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Changes to our privacy policies


This article is to inform you of changes to our privacy policies that affect you individually. The ESMA board recently negotiated an agreement with the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) whereby iSMA will provide ESMA members with full membership of the iSMA in return for 10% of ESMA's total contributions from members. Note, that this transaction is resolved at no extra cost to ESMA members, who will continue to pay the same rate for ESMA membership. For members’ benefits to be realised iSMA needs access to members’ personal details. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will give the personal details we [...]

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European Code Against Cancer: 12 ways to reduce your risk


Prof. Jeff French represented ESMA at the special two-day Workshop on Behaviour Change and Social Marketing organised by the Association of European Cancer Leagues in Brussels on 23rd and 24th of May 2016. The event was attended by representatives of 18 European countries all dealing with the issues of preventing cancer and promoting its early detection and treatment. Jeff French acted as a keynote speaker and gave the group an introduction to key social marketing concepts and principles as well as examples of how these can be used to enhance cancer prevention and early detection programmes. The session was positively evaluated [...]

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