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  Social Marketing Quarterly December issue 2014 open access until 15 March. In this issue: community based social marketing, systems approaches and more...  

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WISH – World Innovation Summit for Health


Two of our Board Members were invited to the World Innovation Summit for Health, taking place in Doha, Qatar, 17-18 February 2015. Professor Suzanne Suggs and Professor Jeff French are part of the Forum on "Communicating Complex Health Messages" (CCHM). The Forum, Chaired by Suzanne (ESMA and Università della Svizzera italiana), consists of 15 internationally renowned experts in health, health behaviour, communication, social marketing and health policy, including Jeff French (ESMA and Strategic Social Marketing), Irina Dinca (ECDC), Angela Brand (Maastricht University), Jez Groom (OgilvyChange), Kristine Sorensen (Maastricht University), Jay Bernhardt (University of Texas) and Scott Ratzan (AB InBev and Journal [...]

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WSM 2015: A message from Jeff French


The biggest and most important Social Marketing conference in the world happens in Sydney, Australia on 19 – 21 April 2015. You can see the full seminar line up at http://wsmconference.com/sydney-2015/programme/ There are still some places available so book your place as soon as possible. Previous conferences have been very positively evaluated by those attending for relevance, content, new ideas and networking. There are many reasons to attend, but here's a few Hear the most up-to-date evidence and thinking about how and why social marketing is being applied around the world Meet and talk with the world’s leading thinkers, researchers and [...]

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WSM 2015 Programme confirmed


WSM, Sydney 19-21 April, 2015 Programme announced: The Programme includes over 70 seminar sessions with presenters from over 20 countries. Leading global social marketing experts have been confirmed as Keynote speakers. The Conference brings together practitioners, academics, policy makers, researchers and industry to explore and enrich Social Marketing practice around the world. In addition to new learning in the fields of health, environment, criminal justice, transport and finance there will also be a particular focus on the charity and not for profit sector, critical marketing theory and practice, substance abuse and digital marketing advances. Visit the Conference website to access the [...]

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World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior


World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behaviour - a World Bank Report on human decision making and development policy The Report aims to inspire and guide the researchers and practitioners who can help advance a new set of development approaches based on a fuller consideration of psychological and social influences. Particular attention is dedicated to  new approaches to understanding behaviour, including non-cognitive models, social norms, mental models and culture. The Report draws on many disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive science,  psychology, behavioural economics, sociology, political  science, and anthropology. The Report is available from the World Bank.

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Social Marketing and Behaviour Change Workshop


The Marketing and Retail Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management and the Marketing and Communications Group (MARCOMMS) of the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London are organising a one-day workshop on “Social Marketing and Behaviour Change” on Friday 24th of April 2015 at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. The aims of the event are: 1) to bring together and share research findings and directions for future research; 2) to provide the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to network with colleagues in the field of social marketing and [...]

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New Social Marketing Guide for public health


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has commissioned a social marketing technical report to serve as a guide for public health managers and practitioners. The report was produced by Jeff French and Franklin Apfel with contribution from Stefan Moritz, Mathias Strömberg, Sabrina Cecconi and Wayne Powell. The ECDC team contributing to the report included: Irina Dinca (project manager), Ülla Karin Nurm and Andrea Würz, Public Health Capacity and Communication Unit, ECDC. The report benefited from the input of an Advisory Committee and other contributors. Advisory group: Goof Buijs, Petra Dickmann, Christina Ebbersten, Nathalie Likhite, Erma Manoncourt, Liesbeth Mollema, [...]

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Correspondence from Ukraine: The Conference “Social Partnership – the way to Europe”


World gurus of social marketing and social business visited Ukraine for the first time Correspondence from Lisovska Oktyabryna, founder & CEO of O2 - Social Business Group, Ukraine What is social marketing? Can it become “marketing of the future”? Can social business develop sustainably in Ukraine and have governmental support? What effects should citizens receive from social programs? – these questions were discussed by experts of the Conference “Social Partnership – the way to Europe” which was held within the framework of two-day International  Forum “Best Social projects of Ukraine” – 2014. The key goals of the event were: creating a platform [...]

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Reflections on the 2nd European Social Marketing Conference by Jeff French


I was delighted to attend the second European Social Marketing conference on the 25th and 26th of September this year in Rotterdam. The event was attended by people from 27 different countries across Europe and also further afield. It was practically gratifying to see the energy and enthusiasm for social marketing that is developing across Europe and the many examples of great projects and some of the policy initiatives that are also starting to be influenced by social marketing principles and concepts such as the inclusion of social marketing in the new European Heath 2020 strategy and the shortly to be [...]

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The European Social Marketing Association (ESMA) announces elections for the Board of Directors


As a legally registered organisation we now need to appoint a board of directors, mandated by our own members. We encourage and hope for wide participation among our members. If you are not a member yet, you can join through the Membership section on our website. We also invite you to put your name forward as a future board member if you are up for the following set of tasks. The main responsibilities of ESMA Board of Directors are: support the growth of ESMA as a globally recognized professional organisation for European Social marketing increase awareness of Social Marketing methods, research, [...]

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