Call for the special issue of RAUSP Management Journal


CALL FOR PAPERS DISRUPTIVE SOCIAL MARKETING Dystopia, Disconnection & Disruption This special issue of RAUSP Management Journal encourages fresh, creative and radical new thinking that advances theory, research and practice in social marketing and related disciplines. Methods may include experiments, structural equation modelling, system dynamics, agent-based modelling, ethnography and case studies, among others. Under the major themes discusses above (the triad dystopia-disconnection-disruption), potential research questions and topics include, but are not limited to: Advancing theory in social marketing to incorporate elements from other disciplines and from new developments in mainstream marketing, such as customer centricity, customer experience and [...]

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New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing


New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing In this issue: Sergio Rivaroli, Arianna Ruggeri, Pietro Novi and Roberta Spadoni on purchasing food to counteract Mafia in Italy. Clare Johansson, Rowan Bedggood, Karen Farquharson and Aron Perenyi examine shared leadership as a vehicle to healthy service eco-systems. Patricia David and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele contribute a paper on theory of planned behaviour and social marketing theory measurement precision. William J. Ashton and Rajesh V. Manchanda use previous social marketing efforts to assess a new program on shelter-belts. Linda Lemarié, Jean-Charles Chebat and François Bellavance use Priming theory to examine prevention [...]

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Social Marketing Quarterly new issue


New Issue of Social Marketing Quarterly In this issue: Ali Ibrahim, Kathy Knox, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, and Denni Arli contribute a paper on segmentation and Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour Insights in the water use market. Diogo Veríssimo, Annalisa Bianchessi, Alejandro Arrivillaga, Fel Ceasar Cadiz, Roquelito Mancao and Kevin Green analyse evaluation of social marketing campaigns questioning whether it works for biodiversity. Livingston A. White contributes a case of social marketing in the Caribbean. David Pearson and Anji Perera present A Practitioner Guide to Integrated Social Marketing Communication Campaigns to tackle food waste. Lynne Doner Lotenberg reflects on linking research and practice in [...]

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Call for Papers: Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation


CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue – March 2019 Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation Guest Editor: Diogo Veríssimo, PhD This special issue of Social Marketing Quarterly will investigate the use of social marketing to stimulate behaviour change that helps preserve biodiversity. Human behaviour is the key driver behind all major threats to the natural environment (Wright et al. 2015). Yet, changing behaviour has proven difficult for those working to preserve biodiversity (Veríssimo 2013). Social marketing has been used to address broader environmental challenges such as energy consumption, recycling, and water consumption. But these efforts have not addressed key threats to biodiversity including [...]

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Social Marketing Quarterly new issue


Latest issue of SMQ includes contributions on the story of social marketing in Europe; the use of industry marketing research to understand people at risk; flu vaccination; customer willingness to pay for improved flame-based cookstove features in South Africa, and the use of Delphi method for consensus building in social marketing. Check the Journal website for full access to the articles. Read more

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Special Issue of Journal of Social Marketing


The latest special Issue of Journal of Social Marketing is dedicated to a critique of social marketing's approaches to address social change agendas. The articles published in this issue provoke us to explore the role and power of social marketing in addressing complex social problems and the multiplicity of stakeholders. Hoek (2017) provides a timely reflection on the role that corporations can play in public health and some of the dilemmas of corporate involvement in pursuing social good. Polonsky (2017) joins this conversation with a commentary on the power of corporations to drive social change. Wymer (2017) presents a theoretical model for [...]

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Opportunity to share your view on the ethical dilemmas of social marketing


Please help us understand more about the ethical dilemmas and challenges facing social marketers. This project is a response to concerns regarding the lack of Codes of Ethics for social marketing and related fields such as health promotion. While several organisations have developed codes and ethical standards, they have yet to be endorsed by global social marketing and health promotion communities. Research is needed to determine the nature of ethical dilemmas faced by practitioners, and their preferences for additional resources and formal or informal support systems. Please help to move this issue forward by taking part in this short 5 minutes [...]

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Global consensus on social marketing principles, concepts and techniques


ESMA is pleased to announce that the Social Marketing Concepts and Principle paper that we have contributed to alongside other global social marketing associations has now been endorsed by all existing professional associations. This paper is a significant mile-stone in the development of consensus around the nature, form and purpose of social marketing. A working group made up of several ESMA members and members of other associations chaired by Professor Jeff French spent two and a half years developing this new consensus paper on what constitute the core concepts of social marketing and its central principle. The paper was commissioned to [...]

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The Behavior Change Toolkit


People in need (PIN) NGO recently published a practical and concise Behaviour Change Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to give international development practitioners the know-how they need to understand people's behaviours and to help people to make positive changes in their lives. It highlights how behaviour change is key to addressing many development issues such as child mortality, food insecurity, lacking education, and gender inequality, and offers practical and easy-to-read guidance on how to go about developing a behaviour change intervention. It is based on insights gained from decades of research and the practical experience of development workers and social scientists [...]

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Call for Papers: Social Marketing Quarterly


Social Marketing Quarterly is now accepting manuscripts on the special issue topic: Social Marketing for Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change. Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is a scholarly, international journal focused exclusively on the theoretical research and practical issues confronting academics and practitioners who use marketing principles and techniques to benefit society. SMQ targets social marketers, communicators, and social science professionals who change the world through protecting the environment and improving people's health, safety, and financial well-being. Please click here to view the additional guidelines for submitting.

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