New Journal: Behavioural Public Policy


Behavioural Public Policy is an interdisciplinary and international peer-reviewed journal devoted to behavioural research and its relevance to public policy. BPP seeks to be multidisciplinary and therefore welcomes articles from economists, psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, primatologists, evolutionary biologists, legal scholars and others, so long as their work relates the study of human behaviour directly to a policy concern. Edited by George A. Akerlof Georgetown University, USA, Adam Oliver London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Cass R. Sunstein Harvard Law School, USA, BPP focuses on high-quality research which has international relevance and which is framed such that [...]

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Special issue of the Journal of Social Marketing


Broadening the scope of social marketing theory, application and practice This special issue edited by Christine Domegan and Fiona Harris is focused on a timely topic: broadening the scope of social marketing. Fry, Previte and Brennan (2017) reflect on moving beyond benchmarks in social marketing. McHugh and Domegan's article responds to the call for reflexivity in social marketing. Spotswood et al (2017) provide a conceptualisation of practice theory and social change. Hastings (2017) reflects on the spiritual dimension of social marketing. The issue also covers social countermarketing (Bellew et al. 2017), social movements (Daellenbach and Parkinson, 2017) and social media and [...]

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The obesity map


A powerful illustration of how obesity rates have increased over the years. The data for the map comes from research published earlier this year in The Lancet that looked at the body mass index of adults in 186 countries from 1975 to 2014. You can read more here.

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New Social Marketing Resource: Segmentation in Social Marketing


Segmentation in Social Marketing - Process, Methods and Application, edited by Timo Dietrich, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele & Krzysztof Kubacki is a welcomed and long overdue book on segmentation in social marketing. The book brings together current innovative methods and approaches to segmentation and outlines why segmentation is needed to support more effective social marketing programme design. It presents a variety of segmentation approaches alongside case studies of their application in various social marketing contexts including food waste, volunteering, alcohol, sexual health, flu prevention, healthy eating, and active school travel. It includes contributions from Jeff French, Sally Dibb and Nancy Lee, amongst others, [...]

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Call for ESMA webinars


ESMA organises in partnership with iSMA a series of webinars on social marketing open to all ESMA and iSMA members. The webinar series provides a great opportunity to learn about most recent and evidence-based social marketing developments and resources worldwide. If you are interested in presenting your work in the webinar to a wide social marketing audience, please send us a proposal. The proposal should describe briefly the topic and specify the audience level (e.g. social marketing beginner, expert, practitioner, academic etc.). ESMA members have now access to iSMA resources, including the webinars. All members also have access to the video-recordings [...]

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JMM free access to social marketing articles


The Journal of Marketing Management provides free access to the articles of the month. The featured articles of September include pieces on social marketing and publishing.  Duane et al. (2016) adopt a system-based methodology to examine complex exchanges in social marketing. Luca et al. (2016) draw on Network and service theory to explore value creation at the midstream level in a social marketing smokefree programme. Johnstone and Hooper (2016) explore how consumers’ green consumption behaviours are influenced by the social environment, within a social cognitive framework. Tadajewski (2016) provides a refreshing view on the rising importance of journal rankings and academic [...]

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International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Call for papers


International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Special Issue of CoDesign and the Public Realm Guest editors: Liesbeth Huybrechts, Jon Geib, Hilde Heynen, Henric Benesch, Jessica Schoffelen Co-design’s engagement with the public realm is rooted in an activist tradition aspiring to increase democratic participation of diverse societal groups in design activities related to public space, services, systems or policy. This is partly due to its historical relationship with the tradition of Scandinavian Participatory Design (PD) that developed in the 1970s and shared concerns and values with labour unions in emancipating workers at the workplace (Bannon & Ehn, 2012, p. [...]

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JSM call for papers: societal wellbeing


Great opportunity for social marketing researchers! Special issue call for papers from Journal of Social Marketing: The Many Paths to Societal Wellbeing: Charting a Course Forward Guest Editors: Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr Nadia Zainuddin Societal wellbeing is firmly on the agenda of marketers, governments, nonprofits and social enterprise. The culture of excess consumption is grinding to a halt as consumers become more aware of the need to conserve resources to live healthier lives and to protect the planet. To achieve societal wellbeing requires a multi-disciplinary approach as the barriers are complex with solutions that take time and require multiple stakeholder involvement. This [...]

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Social Marketing Quarterly: special issue on European Social Marketing


This new issue from SMQ is dedicated to European perspectives on social marketing, with contributions that originated as papers in the European Social Marketing Conference in 2014. The issue opens with an editorial from Alan Tapp, a reflexive view on what may define “European” social marketing which ends with a call for more critical social marketing research. Common themes that emerge across the articles in this special issue highlight the centrality of relationships and the need for cross-disciplinary approaches to tackle complex social issues. The issue includes interesting articles on ecological models in social marketing (Wood, 2016); children heathy eating in [...]

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Featured research: new study from The Lancet


Trends in diabetes: Diabetes kills as many people as AIDS. In 2012 diabetes caused as many deaths as HIV/AIDS (1.5 million). The study from NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) analyses the trends in diabetes prevalence since 1980. The data are derived from 751 population-based measurement studies involving nearly 4.4 million participants. The study stresses the importance of a multi-level approach to support healthy behaviour, diets and lifestyle change and programmes to enable early detection and management of high-risk individuals to prevent diabetes or delaying its onset. For diabetes patients action is needed to improve access and adherence to medication. The full [...]

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