Are you Scared Yet?


From www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Evaluating Fear Appeal Messages in Tweets about the Tips Campaign Authors: Sherry L. Emery, Ph.D., Glen Szczypka, M.A., Eulàlia Puig Abril, Ph.D., Yoonsang Kim, Ph.D., and Lisa Vera Abstract In March 2012, the CDC launched “Tips from Former Smokers,” a $54 million national campaign featuring individuals experiencing long-term health consequences of smoking. The campaign approach was based on strong evidence that anti-tobacco ads portraying fear, graphic images, and personal testimonials are associated with attitudinal and behavior change. Yet it was also controversial; critics cited the danger that viewers might reject such intensely graphic messages. Tasked with informing this debate, [...]

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Social Marketing Quarterly Open Access


  Social Marketing Quarterly December issue 2014 open access until 15 March. In this issue: community based social marketing, systems approaches and more...  

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World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior


World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behaviour - a World Bank Report on human decision making and development policy The Report aims to inspire and guide the researchers and practitioners who can help advance a new set of development approaches based on a fuller consideration of psychological and social influences. Particular attention is dedicated to  new approaches to understanding behaviour, including non-cognitive models, social norms, mental models and culture. The Report draws on many disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive science,  psychology, behavioural economics, sociology, political  science, and anthropology. The Report is available from the World Bank.

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New Social Marketing Guide for public health


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has commissioned a social marketing technical report to serve as a guide for public health managers and practitioners. The report was produced by Jeff French and Franklin Apfel with contribution from Stefan Moritz, Mathias Strömberg, Sabrina Cecconi and Wayne Powell. The ECDC team contributing to the report included: Irina Dinca (project manager), Ülla Karin Nurm and Andrea Würz, Public Health Capacity and Communication Unit, ECDC. The report benefited from the input of an Advisory Committee and other contributors. Advisory group: Goof Buijs, Petra Dickmann, Christina Ebbersten, Nathalie Likhite, Erma Manoncourt, Liesbeth Mollema, [...]

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