This article is to inform you of changes to our privacy policies that affect you individually.

The ESMA board recently negotiated an agreement with the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) whereby iSMA will provide ESMA members with full membership of the iSMA in return for 10% of ESMA’s total contributions from members. Note, that this transaction is resolved at no extra cost to ESMA members, who will continue to pay the same rate for ESMA membership. For members’ benefits to be realised iSMA needs access to members’ personal details. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will give the personal details we hold to iSMA for them to use for the following specific purposes only:

• Administration to allow ESMA member access to iSMA benefits including webinars, online resources and discounted access to social marketing journals and conferences.
• As a means of contacting ESMA members with newsletters and event reminders.
• Adding members to an online colleague list, which can only be accessed by members.

If you agree to this transferral of data, iSMA will never use your personal details for any reason other than those listed above. This includes selling or giving ESMA members’ personal details to a third party. If your personal details change, ESMA will inform iSMA, who will update their records accordingly.

Note that this process involves transferral of your information outside of the European Economic Area to a country (United States) that the European Commission has deemed to have an inadequate legal framework for the protection of personal data. To reassure you of the safety of your personal data, iSMA have agreed to all of the stipulations described in this letter, which are in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

We will not give your details to iSMA if you do not want us to. Please tell us via if you do not want us to share your information with iSMA.

ESMA Board