Sponsorship and Advertising Guidelines

Sponsorship and advertisements are important to maintain ESMA’s financial stability. However, financial relationships with certain partners can be ethically wrong and might be a reputational risk.

All proposals for sponsorship must be referred to the ESMA Board. ESMA will enter into sponsorship and advertisements relationships only if they adhere to the following principles:

  1. The relationship is lawful within the United Kingdom, the European Union and any other country relevant to the relationship.
  2. The sponsor or advertiser is a legitimate and otherwise legal entity within the United Kingdom, the European Union or any other country relevant to the relationship.
  3. The relationship does not pose a risk to our reputation.
  4. ESMA retains its independence and integrity in all regards.
  5. The relationship is distinct and transparent so that the commercial relationship is obvious.
  6. ESMA’s name is not used in a manner that would express or imply ESMA’s endorsement of the corporation or its policies.

ESMA seeks the following characteristics in potential sponsors and advertisers:

  1. The relationship should enhance ESMA’s brand and reach.
  2. ESMA’s aims and values should align with those of the sponsor or advertiser.
  3. The sponsor/advertiser’s aims and goals do not detract or diminish the aims and goals of ESMA.

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