ESMC 2020 Pre-Conference Workshops

Get off to a good start at the ESMC with workshops October 21, 2020

If you are interested in maximizing your learning at the European Social Marketing Conference, consider one of 3 full day workshops which will be offered in Thessaloniki the day before the conference begins. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from social marketing experts from around the world.

Planning and evaluation: Social Marketing projects and programmes (English Language Workshop)
Workshop leader: Prof Jeff French

The aim of this interactive workshop session will be to explore in detail the key elements necessary when planning and evaluating Social Marketing projects and programmes. The workshop will be based on the European Centre for Disease Control technical guidance model for Social Marketing using the STELa planning framework (Scope, Test, Enact, Learn and Act). Participants will explore the ten key tasks involved in the approach and have an opportunity to engage in planning and analysis tasks. Key concepts of value creation development and selection will be covered as will the development of robust evaluation planning and reporting.

Social Marketing as a tool for social change (Greek Language Workshop) | Κοινωνικό Μάρκετινγκ
Workshop leaders: Dr Ariadne Kapetanaki, Angela Makris & Leonidas Skerletopoulos

Learn what social marketing is; how to use social marketing tools; understand human behaviour and design your own behaviour change plan in a day. In GREEK!

In this interactive workshop you will learn about a modern approach that focuses on delving deep to understand the fears, needs, motivations and obstacles that people face in their effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle or free themselves from harmful habits. You will also learn about social marketing practices and tools which can be used to help solve social and environmental problems.

The Value of Social Marketing: a practical introduction to key principles
Workshop leader: Julie D M Huibregtsen, MSc

Being a professional facing behavioural challenges for your target audience every day, this session will give you a practical overview and clear translation of the main principles of Social Marketing.

You might know about Social marketing, but feel the need of a bit more thorough explanation and good examples from the actual practice of Social Marketers. Giving yourself a good basis to benefit from all the coming lectures, presentations and workshops at the conference itself. You will learn more about consumer insight, exchange, competition, behavioural theory, and subject as marketing mix and nudge.

Julie Huibregtsen will tell you about the various instruments and give you a clear view of the power and possibilities of Social marketing. Afterwards you will be able to consider the value for your field of work or own organisation. And she will tell you about elephant trails and true curiosity…

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