JSMGreat opportunity for social marketing researchers!

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Social Marketing: The Many Paths to Societal Wellbeing: Charting a Course Forward

Guest Editors: Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr Nadia Zainuddin

Societal wellbeing is firmly on the agenda of marketers, governments, nonprofits and social enterprise. The culture of excess consumption is grinding to a halt as consumers become more aware of the need to conserve resources to live healthier lives and to protect the planet. To achieve societal wellbeing requires a multi-disciplinary approach as the barriers are complex with solutions that take time and require multiple stakeholder involvement. This means rethinking the single path approach which traditionally pits different fields against each to find the ‘silver bullet’ that will solve the world’s problems.

This special issue seeks to bring together pathways to societal wellbeing such as social marketing, behavioural economics, health education, environmental psychology, and transformative consumer/service research to identify how we might chart a course together.

Societal wellbeing is the theme of the 2016 International Social Marketing Conference, hosted by the University of Wollongong, New South Wales Australia from 25-27 September 2016. Authors of a selection of the highest quality conference papers from the conference will be invited to submit full papers for this special issue. Other high quality manuscripts not associated with the conference, but that address the special issue theme, are encouraged.

Early expressions of interest and inquiries can be directed to the special issue editors:

Dr Nadia Zainuddin, email address: nadiaz@uow.edu.au

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett, email address: rebekah.bennett@qut.edu.au 

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