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The European Social Marketing Association (ESMA) is a professional association for individuals and organisations practicing, researching and teaching social marketing in Europe. ESMA works to contribute to the development, evidence base and promotion of the social marketing best practice across Europe and the world.

The key aims of ESMA are:

  • To establish a community of social marketers in Europe by helping social marketers meet, share and collaborate with each other and people from other disciplines and cultures (through events and conferences).
  • To develop the evidence base for social marketing and increase awareness of its benefits (through news, access to journals, monthly newsletter and events).
  • To promote the use of social marketing as an approach to social change in all sectors in Europe (through ESMA activities, events and conferences).
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and teach people how to do effective social marketing (through news, blogs, webinars and conferences).

Aim of the ESMA organisational membership

The European Social Marketing Association organisational membership scheme is designed for organisations who work in or are interested in the field of Social Marketing and who wish to make a contribution to the ESMA aims by being part of the ESMA network. This membership option is open to organisations from the governmental, academic, NGO and private sectors.

Benefits of the ESMA organisational membership

Organisations who apply and are accepted by ESMA will receive the following benefits:

  • The organisational logo will be placed in the ESMA organisational supporters section of the website.
  • A link to the organisation’s website will be included on the ESMA Website.
  • The organisation will be cited as a supporter of ESMA in all relevant ESMA material.
  • The organisation will be able to post information and requests for collaborations via the ESMA newsletter and social media platforms.

All designated individuals within the organisation will have:

  • Access to the full member’s version of the ESMA website.
  • Access and feeds from the ESMA social media sites and services.
  • Free access to the Journal of Social Marketing
  • Free access to the ESMA newsletter.
  • Discounts to the ESMA conference.
  • Discounts for ESMA endorsed trading events, seminars and webinars.
  • Discounts to the World Social Marketing Conference.
  • Complementary membership of the International Social Marketing Association including iSMA membership benefits.

Costs and structure of the ESMA organisational membership

Organisations can apply for one of three levels of organisational membership. All three levels of membership carry the same benefits but the number of individual designated members that will receive all of the benefits listed above varies.

  1. Level one membership: One-year cost; € 300; it gives access to up to eight named individuals to all benefits.
  2. Level two membership: One-year cost; € 600; it gives access to up to 20 named individuals to all benefits.
  3. Level three membership: One-year cost; € 2000; it gives access to up to 100 named individuals to all benefits.

Organisations wishing to make benefits of the ESMA membership available to more than 100 members of their staff can agree an individual contract with ESMA.

Applying for the ESMA Organisational Membership

Organisations wishing to become a ESMA organisational member should follow the following application procedure:

Organisations wishing to apply for membership of ESMA should complete the form below and send it to

Application review process

The ESMA executive board will review all applications for organisational membership. The following criteria will be used to review organisational applications for ESMA membership:

  1. The organisation should be operating in a field of practice or research that is relevant to Social Marketing.
  2. The organisation should be a valid and genuine organisation that is legally constituted.
  3. The organisation’s aim and operations should be consistent with the ESMA aims and standards.
  4. The organisation should be focused on or make a substantial contribution to the promotion of social good.

The decision of the ESMA Board is final. On being accepted as an organisational member ESMA will request that the successful applicant sends ESMA a list of all individuals who should be entered into the ESMA membership data base. Access to all services will then be triggered on receipt of organisational fee payment. Once your application has been approved you will be sent a link to complete the payment.

APPLY FOR ESMA organisational membership here

The application form should be sent to

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