From ‘So What?’ to ‘Wow!’ How Co-creation Energises Audience Research
January 23, 2018

With Rita Brophy, from Red B/SMS Research (United Kingdom).

Rita Brophy, from Red B/SMS Research, UK, will share how embedding co-creation techniques into audience research uncovered the actionable insights used to design two programmes in Dudley, UK. In one, a multi-disciplinary team that included members of the community co-created the strategies, tone and delivery of a campaign to increase acceptability of breastfeeding in public. Post-campaign results showed a significant improvement. In the second program, aimed at increasing uptake in cervical screening, co-creation activities revealed key barriers and enablers, and led to the use of symbolic imagery and a youthful message that motivated higher attendance at the important first screening appointment. Rita will share effective co-creation techniques and processes, and answer audience questions.

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