New Issue of Journal of Social Marketing


In this issue:

  • Sergio Rivaroli, Arianna Ruggeri, Pietro Novi and Roberta Spadoni on purchasing food to counteract Mafia in Italy.
  • Clare Johansson, Rowan Bedggood, Karen Farquharson and Aron Perenyi examine shared leadership as a vehicle to healthy service eco-systems.
  • Patricia David and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele contribute a paper on theory of planned behaviour and social marketing theory measurement precision.
  • William J. Ashton and Rajesh V. Manchanda use previous social marketing efforts to assess a new program on shelter-belts.
  • Linda Lemarié, Jean-Charles Chebat and François Bellavance use Priming theory to examine prevention and promotion of reckless driving.
  • Henrik Jutbring examines social marketing, customer value and vegetarianism in the context of a music festival.
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