Original article:

Estimated Global, Regional, and National Disease Burdens Related to Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in 2010

Gitanjali M. Singh¹; Renata Micha¹; Shahab Khatibzadeh²; Stephen Lim³; Majid Ezzatiª; Dariush Mozaffarian¹; on behalf of the Global Burden of Diseases Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Expert Group (NutriCoDE)

Author Affiliations

¹Tufts University, Boston, MA
²Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
³University of Washington, Seattle, WA
ªImperial College London, London, United Kingdom

* Friedman School of Nutrition, Tufts University, 150 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 gitanjali.singh@tufts.edu

Scientists pooled data from dietary surveys and large prospective studies of the effect of sugar-sweetened beverage intake on body mass index and Type 2 diabetes, and of the effect of B.M.I. on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. They used data on sweetened drink consumption from 62 national dietary surveys, which included more than 600,000 people in 51 countries surveyed between 1980 and 2010.

The study estimates that, worldwide, sweetened drinks cause 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 from cardiovascular disease, and 6,450 from cancers.

The study is available online in Circulation.