News from the National Reps
Summer 2021

ESMA is fortunate to have national representatives who keep us in touch with social marketing developments in a range of European countries.

In France (rep: Patricia Gurviez), the new Institut de Marketing Social (IMS) was formally launched in January 2021 with over 500 delegates signing up to participate in the launch webinar. Check out their new website at to learn more about their ambitions for expanding social marketing within France.

In Greece (rep: Leo Skereletopolous), the new Social Marketing & Behaviour Change Institute of Greece has just been established to promote social marketing and associated training within Greece and Cyprus. You can find their new website at The first social marketing textbook in Greek has also just been written with the assistance of Professor Jeff French.

In Italy (rep: Guiseppe Fattori), the first Italian social marketing manual has just been published aimed at professionals working to promote health and improve environmental conditions as well as students of the discipline. You can read more about the manual at:

Also, although we have representatives from fourteen European countries, there are a lot more than fourteen countries in Europe, so we are always on the lookout for more reps. We are particularly looking for reps from Scandinavia and central and eastern Europe. If you are interested in becoming a national rep, please contact John Landels on