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Social marketing for One Health. Digital Poster contest 2022

To celebrate 20 years since the founding of the Italian Social Marketing Association, social marketers are invited to take part in a creative contest. The eighth edition of the Social Marketing competition takes place in a period characterized by civil, health and environmental catastrophes, where social marketing for good causes is increasingly necessary. Everyone can participate by submitting a
poster and remember that in addition to this being a contest it is also a party! Human, animal and environmental health (One Health) are closely connected and social marketing is one of the strongest levers available to achieve behaviour change in these areas. By participating in this contest, you can share your experiences, make yourself known and … Read more about the contest and the prizes here.

Social marketing: field activities from Italy

Bologna’s Bella Mossa program awarded participants points for walking, cycling or using public transport. Points could be redeemed for discounts or payment
towards merchandise and services from 85 retailers, including supermarkets, sports retailers, bike stores, opticians, bookshops, cinemas, restaurants and bars. You can find more info here.

International news on social marketing:

The Italian Social Marketing Association has created a new space on its website where they publish international news on social marketing. Visit it


The Travel Proud campaign has recently been launched by the Spanish Tourist Authority. The campaign aims to make the Spanish tourist sector the most welcoming in the world to the LGTBIQ+ community through a programme of training that leads eventually to Travel Proud accreditation. More details (in Spanish) can be found here.



The XXI edition of the International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM 2022) was hosted by University of Minho in Braga (Portugal) on July 7th and 8th, 2022, with Beatriz Casais (ESMA Board member) and Ana Maria Soares as co-chairs. The congress had 80 participants and lecturers from 21 different countries. The event included plenary sessions with emphasis on the keynote speaker Carlos Oliveira Santos, director of the International Social Marketing Association’s Board, and Carlos de Sousa Santos, from the Human Power Hub. Among the parallel sessions, the themes of social marketing, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and social innovation, sustainable tourism, and territorial marketing stand out. The congress programme also included a round table discussion on the main challenges and trends of public and non-profit marketing research, namely in its framework in the fourth sector. The closing session included the awarding of the best congress articles, the best student article, and the best scientific reviewers (more info

IAPNM is the official congress of the International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing and the next congress will take place at the University of Pannonia, Veszprém (Hungary) in July 2023.

New Executive Professional Masters course:

Management of Civil Society Organisations. This course is being organised in partnership with ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), ISCTE-Executive Education and YMCA George Williams College (UK). One of the key modules of this course will be social marketing. More details of this course can be found

Marketing Social em Português na iSMA

Portuguese researchers from the University of Minho, University of Beira Interior, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre and Polytechnic Institute of Bragança have participated in a group that has prepared, under the direction of Jeff French, the essential texts on Social Marketing, to be published, in Portuguese, by the International Social Marketing Association. More info

ESMA is always on the lookout for more national representatives. In particular, we are short of representatives from Scandinavia and eastern and central Europe. Our current national representatives can be found on our website at ESMA National Representatives. If you are interested in taking up a role, please contact us via

Some useful links

Here are some useful links to a range of European Social Marketing institutes.