Our past conferences and events.

The 5th World Social Marketing Conference assembled 500 scholars, practitioners and policy makers in Washington to explore, discuss and debate social marketing challenges and solutions to the world’s most complex dilemmas, including, but not limited to, sustainability, health and well-being, poverty, violence against women, injustice, and other societal concerns. Participants were invited to submit competitive papers, working papers, or proposals for workshops and special sessions.

The Conference was intense showcasing fascinating applications of social marketing and multiple perspectives on behaviour and social change. The programme included 6 keynote sessions, 12 panels, 10 workshops/interactive sessions, 106 papers presentations and 39 posters displayed.


The International Social Marketing Conference (ISMC) aims to bring together social change agents from across Australia to share the latest tools & approaches to changing behaviours for societal wellbeing. The theme for the conference in 2018 is “Broadening Cultural Horizons in Social Marketing” and the conference will be held from the 15-16 July 2018 in Singapore, with a Doctoral Colloquium on the 17th of July.

ISMC 2018 will have a specific emphasis on cross cultural perspectives and delegates will be encouraged to present case studies that highlight the unique challenges of behaviour change and showcase successful social marketing interventions across the region.

More on the conference website.


Queen Mary University, the European Social Marketing Association (ESMA), the NSMC, Strategic Social Marketing and Fuse Events organised the 2nd UK Social Marketing Conference. The event was a great forum to reflect on and learn from social marketers’ experiences.

Speakers included:
Pauline Aylesbury, Head of Strategy & Insight, Scottish Government; Nick Temple, Deputy Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK; David Evans, Founder, The Campaign Company; Ellen O’Donoghue, Head of Strategy and Planning, Public Health England; Gary Wootten, Founder, Hitch and Dr Christine Domegan, National University of Ireland, Galway, Visiting Professor, Florida Prevention Research Center among others.

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The European Social Marketing Association, City of Antwerp, Kunstmaan and Fuse Events are pleased to invite you to the 4th European Social Marketing Conference (ESMC). The call for abstracts is now live. The event will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 6 – 7 September 2018. Social marketing workshops will take place on 5th of September.

The overall conference theme is “Social Marketing: Providing solutions to empowering citizen engagement, sustainability and well-being.”

The ESMC 2018 organising committee would be delighted to receive submissions with a clear social marketing perspective focused on any of the following themes:

  1. New theories and methods being used in social marketing
  2. Upstream social marketing, policy and stakeholder engagement
  3. Health and well-being
  4. Environment and sustainability
  5. Social Impact investing
  6. Scaling up and sustaining projects
  7. Contribution of the arts to social marketing delivery
  8. Promoting the application of social marketing
  9. The implementation challenge, solving problems and overcoming barriers
  10. Outcome focused planning, delivery and evaluation of action
  11. Migration, integration and community cohesion

We encourage submissions from academics, researchers, practitioners, NGOs, private and public sector agencies, policy makers, students and all those interested in developing citizen-centric approaches to effective and efficient social programme and policy delivery.

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ESMC 2016

The 3rd European Social Marketing Conference took place in Espoo, Finland, 22-23 September 2016. A big thank you to all attendees, speakers, hosts, sponsors and organisers of the European Social Marketing Conference for such a great event! Many thanks to our sponsors SITRA and Ray and the City of Espoo for making us all feel so welcomed. And thank you FUSE for all the work! We hope everyone had a good Conference and a great time in Espoo. See you at ESMC 2018!

The mission of the European Social Marketing Conference is to act as a vehicle to help build a European movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practice in Social Marketing, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Social Marketing practice at both operational and strategic levels. We are committed to running the conference at locations around Europe every two years in order to build a truly pan-European community of Social Marketers.

ESMA is looking for partners to host the 4th European Social Marketing Conference 2018. If you are interested in hosting the event and/or helping out with the logistics (e.g. finding sponsors and venues etc.) please send us a 500 words proposal addressing the following points:

  1. Some up front financial or in kind support to off-set the cost risk of booking venue, catering / AV etc.
  2. One or two or a small group of people on the ground in the city who will act as co-ordinators and promoters of the event.
  3. A desire for the event and some evidence that it will help to give a boost to social marketing in the country / city.
  4. The probability of about 80 -100 people coming from the country / city local area.
@ Nadina Luca

@ Nadina Luca


The European Social Marketing Association is pleased to announce a call for applications for travel bursaries to attend the 3rd European Social Marketing Conference, 22-23 September 2016 in Espoo, Finland.

A limited number of bursaries up to €500 are available to ESMA members only, with preference given to members with limited sources of funding. Information about ESMA membership options can be found here.

Applicants must complete and return the ESMA travel bursary application form, available here. Application forms must be received by the deadline for submission of conference abstracts (15th April 2016). Late applications will not be considered.

All enquiries on bursary applications should be given the title ‘ESMA travel bursaries’ and sent to info@europeansocialmarketing.org

esmaconferenceThe second European Social Marketing conference took place on the 25th and 26th of September 2014 in Rotterdam. The event was hosted by the City Council of Rotterdam and was attended by people from 27 different countries across Europe and also further afield. Two pre-conference sessions, 17 seminars and workshops and plenary sessions provided opportunities to discuss the challenges of marketing social marketing and some of the big unresolved ethical and technical questions in Social Marketing. The conference programme was diverse covering issues across the health sector, environment, military training, urban design, water safety, pet safety, sustainability and social policy.

Reflections on the event can be accessed here.
Following the 2nd European Social Marketing Conference in Rotterdam, 2014, the seminar presentations and keynote video content is now live for download on the website.

The 3rd ESMA Conference is planned for 8-9th September, 2016, with Espoo, Finland now confirmed as the host city. Venue details will follow later in 2015.


The first European Social Marketing Conference, 27-28 November 2012 fostered the official launch of ESMA in Lisbon. The conference brought together practitioners from the private, public and NGO sectors together with academics, policy makers and researchers interested in applying marketing to social programmes.

The conference focussed on showcasing examples of good practice and debating how social marketing can be further developed in Europe. It also explored the value that social marketing adds to the development and delivery of social programmes and its contribution to cost effectiveness and value for money.

The seminar presentations and keynote content is available for download on the website.