The loss of Sue Peattie is hard to put into words. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts go to Sue’s Family at this difficult time. Sue was a driver and innovator of Social Marketing research and practice. She did great work to help create more fair product exchanges and made a huge contribution to our understanding of Social Marketing theory. She advanced our field in many ways, including helping to build a distinct Social Marketing discipline, ready to fly solo.

Sue motivated  many students, practitioners and researchers to make this world a better place for all of us. Sue helped many of us to not only do better research and practice, but also to consider our own behaviours. Her papers were inspirational, thought provoking and of excellent quality. They both inspired better work and set the bar high in terms of linking science to practice and practice to science. Sue was a rare bread in this world and her absence will be missed. She was a great academic and practitioner, a truly great and very kind person. We, the European Social Marketing Association, salute Sue Peattie and her family and thank her for the contributions she made as an academic, a teacher, and a human. Her legacy will live on and continue to inspire people working for social change. Sue, You are missed.

On behalf of the Executive of The European Social Marketing Association. Suzanne Suggs, Christiane Lellig, Johannes Parkkonen, Jeff French, Manuela Epure, Stuart Jackson.