Special Issue – March 2016

Deadline: 30 June 2015 – Guest Editors: Nancy Lee and Sameer Deshpande

Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) will be investigating the practice of corporate social marketing (CSM) in an upcoming special issue. Kotler, Hessekiel, and Lee (2012) define CSM as an activity that “uses business resources to develop and/or implement a behavior change campaign intended to improve public health, safety, the environment, or community well-being” (pp. 111). According to the authors, in a CSM initiative, “behavior change is always the focus and the intended outcome.” Examples of CSM include UK Anglian Water promoting disposal of kitchen oils, food scraps, and sanitary wipes among heads of households at a special event launch in city square; Best Buy in the U.S. promoting recycling of old, unused, or unwanted consumer electronics at its stores; and Maruti Suzuki India improving road safety by training women through its national network of high-quality driver training program.

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Kotler, P., Hessekiel, D., & Lee, N. R. (2012). Good Works: Marketing and Corporate Initiatives That Build a Better World…And the Bottom Line. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.