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Social Marketing Statement of Ethics: From Principles to Action

May 26, 2021

Ethics is a vital subject for anyone working in social marketing as we work with people and seek to change their behaviours.

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) has adopted a Social Marketing Statement of Ethics to support the ethical conduct of social marketing professionals, including practitioners, scholars and students, in all areas of their professional activities. The statement has been endorsed by regional associations: ESMA, AASM, SMANA and LAMSO.

Krzysztof Kubacki and Jeff French are hosting a free webinar on May 26th to explain more about the Statement of Ethics and how it can be applied to our work. In this webinar, Krzysztof and Jeff will introduce some of the ethical issues associated with social marketing theory and practice, and explore different approaches to demonstrating that potential ethical issues have been considered when developing and delivering social marketing programmes. You can find out more about the time of the webinar in your timezone, as well as registering to attend, at

The Social Marketing Statement of Ethics is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish from the iSMA website

download the ethics statement