New Issue of Social Marketing Quarterly

In this issue:

  • Ali Ibrahim, Kathy Knox, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, and Denni Arli contribute a paper on segmentation and Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour Insights in the water use market.
  • Diogo Veríssimo, Annalisa Bianchessi, Alejandro Arrivillaga, Fel Ceasar Cadiz, Roquelito Mancao and Kevin Green analyse evaluation of social marketing campaigns questioning whether it works for biodiversity.
  • Livingston A. White contributes a case of social marketing in the Caribbean.
  • David Pearson and Anji Perera present A Practitioner Guide to Integrated Social Marketing Communication Campaigns to tackle food waste.
  • Lynne Doner Lotenberg reflects on linking research and practice in social marketing.

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