Webinar: Social Marketing is 50 years old, October 29th, 2021


Free Webinar Social Marketing turns 50! October 29th, 2021 Join The Whittaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change in Galway, Ireland to hear about the latest developments in Social Marketing. This webinar is one of a series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kotler and Zaltman’s (1971) famous Social Marketing paper. Using behavioural and systems science, research evidence, practical insights, case studies and examples, this series of social marketing seminars with global experts explores the complex links between our environment, our health and wellbeing and our future. The webinar will cover two presentations: Teaching social marketing at a [...]

Webinar: Social Marketing is 50 years old, October 29th, 20212021-11-02T13:28:50+00:00

Webinar: Motivational Research, June 28/29, 2021


Free Webinar Motivational Research for Effective Behaviour Change Strategy June 28/29, 2021 You are invited to join this webinar, presented by Joan Young, Director of Research and Evaluation at The Behaviour Change Collaborative. Joan is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading social marketing researchers. In this hour long webinar, Joan will use a series of practical examples of successful behaviour change strategies to demonstrate the critical role that academic theory and motivational qualitative and quantitative research can play in creating effective behaviour change strategies. On the 28th June, two webinars will run with timings [...]

Webinar: Motivational Research, June 28/29, 20212021-07-06T16:44:48+01:00
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