Special Issue – March 2019
Social Marketing for Biodiversity Conservation
Guest Editor: Diogo Veríssimo, PhD

This special issue of Social Marketing Quarterly will investigate the use of social marketing to stimulate behaviour change that helps preserve biodiversity. Human behaviour is the key driver behind all major threats to the natural environment (Wright et al. 2015). Yet, changing behaviour has proven difficult for those working to preserve biodiversity (Veríssimo 2013). Social marketing has been used to address broader environmental challenges such as energy consumption, recycling, and water consumption. But these efforts have not addressed key threats to biodiversity including pollution, invasive species, and overexploitation of natural resources.

Conservation professionals have been uneasy about relying on theory and principles similar to those used to sell products often seen as harmful, such as cigarettes and alcohol, leaving untapped the true potential for using marketing to increase the adoption of biodiversity – friendly behaviours. However, momentum for the use of marketing in biodiversity conservation is growing, with the emergence of a discipline of conservation marketing (Bennett et al. 2017; Veríssimo and McKinley 2016; Wright et al. 2015). This special issue will highlight biodiversity conservation projects and programs and further encourage the use of marketing theory, concepts, and tools.

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