ESMA was founded with the aim to connect social marketing people, research and practice at the European level.

By creating a community where people practicing and researching social marketing in Europe can connect with other colleagues to share experiences, knowledge, findings, methods, and practices ESMA endeavours to contribute to the development, evidence base and promotion of the social marketing discipline in Europe. ESMA aims:
  • to establish a community of Social Marketers in Europe
  • to enhance and facilitate knowledge and experience exchange in the different fields of social and behaviour change
  • to promote the use of social marketing as an approach to social change in Europe

  1. ESMA

    ESMA and Lugano Summer School 2019

    28th SSPH+ Lugano Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management will host a special edition on social marketing Lugano, Switzerland – August 26–31, 2019 ESMA in collaboration with the SSPH+ Lugano Summer School will host three courses (one 6-day course and two 3-day courses) and a plenary session on the Tuesday morning, all dedicated to Social Marketing. The Lugano Summer School hosts public health professionals, researchers and graduate students who learn together through mutual exchange in a stimulating...
  2. ESMA

    Reflections from ESMC 2018: Interdisciplinary research, social marketing and social eating

    Making mealtimes matter: commensality, collaboration and building relationships beyond our disciplines. by Marsha Smith, PhD Candidate Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous manifestations of human sociality is commensality: the human practice of eating together or, to put it more exactly, of eating together in groups. Eating together is a powerful mechanism for reproducing the social values, priorities and roles of a society and is essential for the integration of a society. Indeed, it has been stated that communal meals are...
  3. ESMA

    6th World Social Marketing Conference

    Join us at the 6th World Social Marketing Conference Edinburgh, 4-5 June 2019 We encourage you to join us at what we will be a must attend event for anyone passionate about fostering positive behaviour change. Whether you are tackling public health issues, encouraging community action or trying to make populations happier, healthier, greener or more sustainable the World Social Marketing Conference is a perfect event to share your ideas and network with like-minded professionals form across the globe. The...
  4. ESMA

    WSMC 2019 Exclusive member offer

    Don’t forget about the exclusive ESMA early bird rate for the World Social Marketing Conference. This is valid only until 31st October 2018. To register at these rates you will require the exclusive registration link which is only available from the members resources area. Please log on to your ESMA member account to access the discount link.              



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