What are ESMA Task Groups?

As ESMA is a very young organisation, which is continuously growing and evolving, we have set up a few targeted Task Groups to progress the development of ESMA. The Task Groups also enable wide participation and ensure we have enough volunteers to carry out the required tasks. Anyone who is a member of ESMA can join the Task Groups, and we encourage anyone who is interested in developing ESMA to get involved. The current Task Groups are listed below with a brief description of each and instructions how to join them.

Business Model

The task group will work out a business model for ESMA: analysis & debate of options for funding (available sources and their mix) including membership options; close collaboration with Marketing and Member Communications task group. Estimated effort/time-line: bi-weekly meetings of max 1.5h over a period of 6-8 weeks. Start: summer 2013
If you want to get involved in this task group, please email the task group Chair Christiane Lellig  at christiane.lellig “at” stratageme.ch

Consistency and Quality Standards

Following ESMA endorsement and ratification of the consensus definition of Social Marketing, a new ESMA Task group is being formed to develop a set of Social Marketing Quality Standards. The group’s task will be to work with members of ESMA and other international associations such as the iSMA and the AASM to develop:

An agreed set of principles of good practice in Social Marketing based on the membership survey that was undertaken to develop the consensus definition. The task will be to refine the key principles agreed by members and set these out as an accompanying document to the consensus definition.

Work will also be instigated, based on the definition and supporting principles document together with a full literature review, on a code of conduct of effective and ethical practice in Social Marketing. From this work it will then be possible to develop instruments to undertake standardised audits Social Marketing programmes.
If you are interested in being a member of this Task Group please contact Jeff French at:
Jeff.French “at” strategic-social-marketing.org
The Task Group will commence its work in September 2013. It is intended that a first set of key principles will be suggested to the Executive Group of ESMA by January 2014.

Knowledge Sharing

The Knowledge sharing task group focuses on just that: “Sharing knowledge” about social marketing activities and evidence. We aim to serve ESMA members by providing information about case studies, research results, training opportunities, and conference activities. We will post information on the ESMA Website, twitter, and through a regular newsletter to the ESMA membership. Please join us! We aim to share the responsibilities so that no one is overloaded while all make a contribution to the group. We need ideas, writers, creative thinkers, scientists and practitioners. Please contact the task group Chair L. Suzanne Suggs at knowledge-exchange “at” europeansocialmarketing.org; to get involved or to talk about getting involved.

Marketing and Member Communications

This task group focuses on planning, developing and implementing strategies and actions that will enable ESMA to increase its membership, ensure a diverse audience across Europe is aware of ESMA, and work towards establishing the Association as a network for everyone interested or involved in social marketing in Europe. This task group also covers ESMA’s website and social media development. If you want to get involved in this task group, please email the task group Chair Johannes Parkkonen at jparkkonen “at” yahoo.com