Messages that Motivate: Leveraging behavioural insights to design powerful social marketing messages

March 28/29, 2018 – with Brooke (Sadowsky) Tully (USA)

As part of your social marketing strategy, you’ve clarified which behaviour(s) to promote, identified the priority audience(s), and coordinated interventions to make the desired behaviour as viable as possible. Now it’s time to design the messaging strategy. But that’s much easier said than done!

This webinar focuses on five key ingredients needed to create powerful marketing messages that motivate your audiences to take action and shift behaviours. These ingredients work together to overcome many of the psychological barriers to behaviour change, such as status quo bias, choice overload, confirmation bias, and hassle factors by leveraging behavioural insights around priming, time discounting, herd behaviour, and self-efficacy. To demonstrate how these ingredients can look in practice, the presentation will showcase commercial and non-profit examples from the Jay Chiat advertising awards, in addition to a sustainable fishing campaign example from WWF-Mongolia. This webinar will not only look at why these ingredients work to motivate change, but will also provide tips on how to apply them to your own behaviour change messaging strategy.

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